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Product SKU : 854460-000250

The Ruecco range of male external catheters has been designed to make life easier for those who are incontinent. Special design features ensure a well-sealed connection to urine bags and a safe reflux-free urine drainage whether in upright or lying position. The sheaths can be fixed to the penis with either a Velcro fastener (Ruecco fix) or with a skin-friendly hydrocolloid strip fastener (Ruecco colloid). A precise fit of the sheath is essential to ensure effective urinary drainage. Please use our measuring tool to determine the proper size.

Functional – the V-Shape Funnel ensures a good seal to leg or bed bags

Safe & Comfortable – urine drainage in all positions, whether upright or lying, thanks to the special Free Flow Design which makes the male external catheter kink-resistant and prevents urine reflux, which has negative effects on skin and adhesive

Gentle – latex-free materials to guarantee a high level of tolerability

Easy – fixed with a Velcro fastener or hydrocolloid strip for tape-sensitive skin